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London Fire Brigade increases safety standards with newer equipment post-Grenfell Inquiry.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has taken significant actions in strengthening its rescue capabilities post the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, with a focus on enhancing safety measures and response efficiency.

Some of these action will include:

  • Deployment of the tallest turntable ladders (TLs) - With a height of 64 metres and extending to 23 stories, this ladder will be able to evacuate multiple casualties from tall structures.

  • Fire escape hoods - These can evacuate approximately 200 individuals from smoke-laden environments. These hoods offer crucial filtration for up to 15 minutes, protecting against harmful carcinogens present in smoke.

  • Drones - These will have thermal imaging and optic cameras. The drones facilitate real-time monitoring and aid in locating missing persons, despite a challenging environment.

  • Deployment of modern breathing apparatus sets which includes enhanced cleaning capabilities.

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