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Beware of recruitment scams!

In light of recent news, it is apparent that there are various job seeker, recruitment scams which are happening.

Here are 5 red flags which you need to look out for...

  1. Emails which do not use a company domain. If the email address has @gmail, @outlook, @hotmail, this could be a potential scam. Email addresses which are not scams are ones which use the company domain such as

  2. Asking for money or personal information which is not needed. Scammers make ask for payment upfront or ask if you want to be added on their company insurance which will then included them asking for your financial information. Geniune recruiters will only ask for your name, contact details, recent CV and salary expectations.

  3. Recruiters avoid job related questions. Notice if recruiters are skirting around questions, if they are being vague or avoiding answering job related questions. Recruiters should be knowledgeable about the job they are recommending.

  4. Fake job offers that sound too good to be true. For example, if the salary is 50%-100% above average for that type of job, alarm bells should be ringing.

  5. Offering you a job without the interview. Scammers tend to do this or carry out online interviews. They even ask you to set up an account on their online platforms which will ask for their personal information. Please make sure you do in depth research before you sign up to anything.

Any questions, please comment below!

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