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The Caledonian Recruitment Group operates across a broad range of industry sectors. We are constantly seeking to partner with innovative, strong willed and business focused individuals to drive our expansion plans within the staffing market.​

We invest in, support and reward entrepreneurs from the recruitment sector, who hold an impressive track record of success within their specialist industry sector. Their knowledge, drive and talent combined with our support provides the foundations to enable them to run their own successful business.​

All of the Caledonian businesses are managed and operated to our group core values; these values drive our businesses to provide a valued service, which is tailored to the unique requirements of our wide-ranging client and customer base.

We work with driven people to help achieve their career ambitions

We partner with and empower professionals that possess the drive, determination and creativity to evolve their business into a key player within their dedicated industry sector.​

The Caledonian Group is driven by individual shareholders with considerable experience in their chosen sector. Harnessing this experience and coupling it with a significant equity stake, is what drives each business forward.

Caledonian Recruitment Group Subsidiaries

Caledonian Automotive Recruitment

Caledonian Automotive Recruitment is a specialist engineering staffing business primarily focused in supplying both temporary and permanent personnel to undertake fleet management and repair within the HGV and PSV sectors.

Caledonian Building Services Recruitment

Caledonian Building Services is focused in supporting clients, identifying professional engineering personnel to undertake the installation and maintenance of building management systems. The company operates in a number of niche areas including Fire & Security, HVAC and Building Control systems.

Caledonian Construction Recruitment

Caledonian Construction Recruitment is a prominent provider in the supply of both skilled and unskilled personnel. The business operates across a broad range of industry sectors, which include infrastructure, transportation and housing. ​

The decision I made to form Caledonian Construction Services within the Caledonian Recruitment Group was very straightforward.

A huge attraction for me was the Group’s core values, which revolve around working with integrity, being innovative in the ways we deliver our service and the ability to regularly draw upon the expertise of the Group’s investors, who have unrivalled experience and knowledge within the recruitment industry.

Having now experienced the full set up process and continued support that the group provide, I would highly recommend Caledonian Recruitment Group to any ambitious and driven Recruitment professional, who wishes to take their career to the next level.

Paul Davison - Director - Caledonian Construction Services Ltd

The Caledonian Recruitment group encapsulates all the values and goals that we have within the recruitment market.

Since we both started our careers in recruitment, we have been hungry not only to increase our yearly billings but our personal development.

The group believes in bringing the quality services back to the industry whilst allowing the directors to lead, manage and grow their own business in the way we see fit.

The trust and support afforded to us has given us all the belief to make our business a household name in Building Services Recruitment.

Ben McQueeney & Gemma Saunders - Managing Consultants - Caledonian Building Services Ltd

Over the last 17 years I have developed a successful career, recruiting to the UK construction industry, with a particular focus to the transportation sector.

The next stage in my career development was to form my own enterprise and Caledonian was the obvious partner and investor for Paul and I to achieve this.

In Caledonian Recruitment Group we have a partner who manage the full back office functions of our company, allowing us to devote the time necessary to develop our business. As well as the back office functions we receive valuable support within funding, strategic direction and regulatory advice.

I would strongly recommend the Caledonian Recruitment Group to any recruitment entrepreneur wanting help to start their new venture.

James Barnham - Director - Caledonian Construction Services Limited

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