Why Partner with the Caledonian Recruitment Group?

Why Partner with the Caledonian Recruitment Group?
  • From the outset our stakeholders hold a significant equity stake in the Caledonian subsidiary they manage.
  • We do not seek capital contribution from stakeholders.
  • All the capital required to both establish and fund our subsidiaries is provided by the group.   
  • We work with our stakeholders and agree a formal business plan and strategy for the business. Our stakeholders are empowered to deliver this plan.
  • We do not burden our businesses with monthly management charges. We treat each of our subsidiaries as an investment and only seek a return when the business is profitable.
  • Our stakeholders benefit from an attractive profit share scheme.

The Caledonian Recruitment Group has been established to provide talented recruitment professionals with the opportunity to set up, develop and manage their own recruitment business.

Our aspiration is to develop a multi sector recruitment brand focused on providing professional recruitment solutions across a broad range of industry sectors.

We partner and empower industry professionals who hold extensive experience of their dedicated industry sectors. In particular we target those individuals whose careers are constrained and who do not receive the rewards they deserve due to the structure and ambition of their current employers.

Management experience is not a pre-requisite to join our group, our training and mentoring program coupled with our support will provide you with the foundation to establish and develop a successful recruitment enterprise.

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