Recruiters need to stop fearing other recruiters…

Recruiters need to stop fearing other recruiters…

So, I have just done a poll on LinkedIn asking the candidate market if they know where their CV is being sent…

The immediate result is alarming. 4 NOs! Not one YES so far. I am aware this is a small sample size but it still causes concern.

I’ve been racking my brain and trying to figure out why the numbers are like this. It can’t just be bad practice and a sign of industry fatigue. Surely this isn’t a larger issue…

There are some truly fabulous recruiters out there that play by the book and post some of the best numbers in the sector. I know this because I’ve worked with them, and all of them confirm and qualify candidates and tell them about their clients.


As a well-versed consultant, I know the tricks of the trade. You ask a candidate where else they have been sent, and you find out who else in the market is hiring.

It’s a trick as old as the industry. It’s good for BD and a sure-fire way to get to grips with whose hiring and whose firing!

Some consultants are scared of other recruiters picking up their precious jobs and ‘stealing’ their clients.

I get it, I really do. We all value our relationships and want to keep them close. The fewer people working on a job means a higher success rate for you. Equalling better billings and better pay.

In essence, you are scared of the competition. When in fact you should embrace it and thrive off it.

Thriving off it.

It’s time to back yourself and not be afraid. Value the service you offer your clients and candidates. The quality of your process will shine through.

Your candidates will keep on interacting with you if you present a client to them with all the details!

Qualify your roles and partner with the best companies in the game.

You are more likely to place a candidate if you just let them in on the ‘secret’.

Everyone values honesty and openness. Trust yourself to deliver to your clients and they won’t take the cold call of the recruiter who has heard from a candidate they are looking.


The recruitment sector is crying out for a rebrand. We aren’t Del Boys.

We offer a valued service and it’s time to start backing yourself and focussing on quality service and not a secret scattergun one.

SO, in short.

Tell your candidates where you send them. It only benefits you.

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