Mentoring in the Caledonian Group !!

Mentoring in the Caledonian Group !!

The Caledonian Recruitment Group provides the opportunity for successful, entrepreneurial recruitment professionals to reach their full potential.​

Our partners hold a significant equity stake within the business they manage and the rewards they receive reflect this. 

Our management teams are encouraged to play an active role in the day-to-day decision making and have significant influence in the direction their business takes. 

Whilst not taking on a micro-management approach to our business we believe in mentoring our staff, to allow them both personal and business development.

We believe in these 10 key approaches to mentoring our staff.

Question Everything.

The Caledonian Group Directors boast a vast amount of recruitment experience across a wide range of sectors.

All our directors have built impressive desks and an enviable wealth of knowledge over these years.

We encourage everyone who joins to utilise the knowledge our directors have to offer, whether it’s a question on how to build a new desk or negotiate better terms.

The Caledonian Recruitment Group believes questioning and challenging ideas is the best way to succeed and mentor in a ever changing and evolving recruitment world.

Different Points of Views

Business Mentors within the group can help you understand things from a different perspective when it comes to running your business.

For Example, you may not be able to look at your business from the standpoint of a customer or candidate, our business mentors can provide a new look and give advice on problems that may have troubled you in the past.

Developing your skillset.

Our business mentors and directors aren’t just consultants, they are invested in developing your key skills.

For Example, our mentors are more focussed on building your skills and adding value to your desk as opposed to their own.

Venting in an open forum

Working in recruitment can be difficult and sometimes you need to vent, its often not productive to vent to a partner or friend as they can’t put themselves in your shoes.

However, our directors / mentors have been there and can provide a good sounding board to vent and come out of the discussion with a strong new idea of how to solve the problem.

Developing your network

Our directors have a vast network and would be on hand to make introductions that you perhaps wouldn’t be able to make without a supportive and knowledgeable mentor.

Recruitment is all about networking and building your database of contacts and you can lean on a mentor to help with this.

Strategic Methods

Whilst ideas and discussions are a great platform to build a desk, without a clear and concise plan you are bound to fail. Our mentoring scheme is on hand to assist turning your ideas into a clear strategic business plan to achieve your goals.

Relationship Building

Whilst you may outgrow the need for a mentor and we hope you do, we also aim to foster and nurture long relationships where we can continually be on hand to assist the growth of your business.

Improving your confidence

With a mentor at your side, you can start to feel more confident in the everyday decisions you will make as a consultant, having a sounding board to discuss your business ideas and bring them to fruition is great for confidence. A mentor is in place to praise for good ideas and business success whilst being on hand to steer you through rough moments.

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