Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation has announced the dates and theme of next year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. It will run from Monday 9 May until Sunday 15 May 2022

This year’s week theme will be based on loneliness and how we can reduce this in our local communities.

The Caledonian Recruitment Group considers itself a community and thus we have taken some time to reach out to our staff to check-in and see how they are.

Here at the Group, we take mental health very seriously and we have 3 Mental Health First Aiders in the company being Germaine Cochrane, Nikki McQueeney, and Ben McQueeney.

You will see today and over the course of the week a few quick and totally optional questionnaires we have conducted.

Life has hardly been plain sailing for the past few years, and we endeavor to keep our staff safe and happy.

Stats – Mental Health is just as important as physical health.

1 in 6.8 people are experience mental health problems in the workplace (14.7%).

What can we take from this?

This number may be more than you expected, take a look around your home, workplace or wherever you are, its more than likely someone around you is suffering. Always consider the consequences of your actions and check in on those around you regularly.

Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions

What can we do about this?

Rather than scalding employees for sickness absence, maybe it’s time to check in on them first? This could make a huge difference and open up and healthy and honest conversation.


“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

So, this year’s theme is Loneliness, I think we can all admit to being a bit lonely at times, the world can be a harsh and unforgiving place at times, and it’s easy to be down on your luck and feel like everything is against you.

This week we will be actively encouraging our teams to have open conversations with each and remind ourselves that you are never truly alone.

If you are feeling lonely, why not check out these tips:

Closing Statement

As someone who has had his own mental health moments in the past, I can assure you the best thing to do is talk about it.

I spent a lot of time keeping issues bottled and not talking about them, I was afraid of letting people down or being judged. Trust me when I say no one does this anymore.

Mental Health takes many forms, it’s not just depression, it’s not always easy to spot and it’s harder to talk about for those suffering from it.

Open up to those around you if you’re anxious, sad, or just a bit low.

Talking helps, I didn’t do it soon enough, I implore you to do it to.

Stay safe

Author: Ben McQueeney

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