How is the UK Electronic Security Market going to move forward?

How is the UK Electronic Security Market going to move forward?

The UK Electronic Security market is predicted to be worth $11 Million Dollars by 2026, with this ever-changing market on course to keep growing.

But how is it going to get there?

Whilst the need and general cost of electronic security is becoming more accessible to the end user and the needs becoming more paramount in safety focussed world, is there going to be the staff to support this?

There are an estimated 2560 companies operating in the electronic security sector across the UK, with 10,631 people employed in the market.

That averages at 4 employees per company which clearly isn’t a good indicator when we have several global power houses operating in the UK with well into the 100s working for them across the country.

However, the math does serve a purpose and help me allude to the point I am trying to make.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough talent in the market to go around,

Whilst the need for security systems isn’t going anywhere, the need for staff is becoming more desperate.

Its quite clear the industry needs fresh blood and has to start attracting school leavers…

But what do Millennials want in an employer?

  • Opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Coaching and mentorship opportunities
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Responsiveness to the changing world

Here are just a few expectations that the younger audience has when entering the employment market.

These are all so achievable, so maybe its time for a rebrand and rethink of how we attract staff into this critical sector?

Let us know any thoughts you have on how the Electronic Security market can move forward?

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